6 Best Restaurants for Business Meetings

You won’t ever run out of food decisions in Thailand. It’s one of those nations that guarantee 10 pounds in three days. The truth is you don’t require restaurants. You can just walk on the streets and you will find something that will meet your desires. But, if you’re finding a place where you can enjoy the food as well as attend business meetings. Then there are very few restaurants available that are suitable for business meetings. 

Business restaurants should be formal and not overcrowded too. Business restaurants should promise to provide a quiet and pleasing environment. So, the meetings held in such restaurants will be successful. The success of the meeting consciously built a positive review towards the restaurant.

The following is a list of restaurants that you should check. They are worth for business conferences –

1. Mandarin Oriental

There are eight restaurants inside the hotel. If you want to go for French cuisine, check out Le Normandie. The China House represents the best authority in Chinese cuisines. They also offer other Asian food. If you need some fish, head to Lord Jim’s and The Verandah. Also, if you want just coffee and some pastries or cakes. Their home mixture is sufficient enough but they additionally serve cold espresso. You can also try the BBQ Riverside Terrace if you need to feel enjoyable. 

If you need genuine Thai cooking, the Sala Rim Naam Thai Restaurant is the place where you will see that. You can likewise remain out and relax under the sun in the Terrace Rim Naam and Ciao. At last, if you’re interested in some beverages or drinks, you can try the Afternoon Tea and The Bamboo Bar.

2. Madison

It is located at the Four Seasons Hotel. You will get the best steaks in Bangkok in this restaurant. They additionally offer Asian cooking styles. You should begin with the bread that is served directly out of the oven.

It doesn’t have an awesome view but the interior gives a very balanced aura. The spot is generally peaceful. Spaces between tables are considered good for a free discussion.

3. Kuppa

The spot is only one of the most open restaurants you will ever find. The floor to roof windows likewise gives a more “open” feel. Generally, such spacious spots can really relax the visitors. This spot is particularly suggested if you are meeting an Australian. It is operated by a Thai and an Australian. Also, you will come to know after entering there, as it is obvious in their menu. They offer Australian meat and conventional Thai food.

4. Blue Elephant

In the nearby location of Sathorn, Blue Elephant is the best restaurant. It is, particularly for business meetings. Here, you will get great food. However, the actual spot is an icebreaker due to the historical backdrop of the structure. It is an old structure having 100 years of age. Also, it is a cooking school. The restaurant did a great job, they maintained ancient recipes and dishes. They have a variety of dishes under the Forgotten Recipes category.

5. Calderazzo and Ugolini

If you meet a person who needs Italian food, take them here at the Caderrazzo and Ugolini. Their food is at standard with dishes from cafes in Italy. They also have the best wine selection in all Chidlom.

6. Tapas Cafe

This cafe offers Spanish Cuisine and there isn’t anything better than Tapas. The actual spot looks and feels more friendly than different cafes. The assistance here is kind of similar to that you will get in 5-star inns. However, the vibe feels more relaxed and homely. Many people recommend this cafe to other new visitors. People here suggest requesting your food immediately, it requires some investment to cook at the Tapas. You could possibly complete your meetings before your order arrives.

6 Best Restaurants for Business Meetings

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